About F&S

At F&S, your exquisite fashion & happiness is our priority. We believe that accessories are a powerful statement of individual style and identity. 

The F&S crew are crazy about our creatives and accessories. We source all over the world to give you the products that we have enjoyed the most.

Trust that our team will help you stay ahead of fashion and be accepted as an interesting people among friends and colleagues.

Unlike other stores, we don't do drop shipping. What that means is we have personally sourced our products from the most reputable manufacturers of each product on our page . We have them stored at our warehouse and have personally tested these items to make sure they are good enough before they get packaged to you. 

Remember that

  • source from all over the world
  • all the items are tested and proved to be creative,wonderful and safe
  • a small number of pieces
  • frequently updated

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